• Stephanie Watson


    Stephanie is the Founder and Director of Vero Beach Academy. She has a passion for helping students succeed academically and strives to provide an educational atmosphere where each child can thrive.

    She was a public school teacher before starting a local tutoring company and homework center here in Vero Beach. Realizing the need for a co-op that bridged the gap between traditional education and homeschooling, Vero Beach Academy was born!   

    Stephanie has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee. She is certified to teach all subject areas Kindergarten through 6th grade and specializes in reading through 8th grade.


    Co-op Administrator

    Samantha's role as Elementary Administrator is to effectively impact the instructional practices of the teachers and parents at Vero Beach Academy. Her goal is to support students and teachers on their journey through the school year.  

    Samantha has a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education and has been an elementary teacher for 15 years, including teaching Kindergarten at Vero Beach Academy prior to joining the Admin Team.  She has also been involved in curriculum and teacher development as a math coach in the public schools before joining the VBA family.

  • BEverly Karas

    Office Manager

    Bev has been teaching for over 25 years and brings incredible experience to Vero Beach Academy. For ten years, she taught in a successful community school which gives her the knowledge to guide the staff and parents toward success!

    Mrs. Karas has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Florida Southern University. She is an encourager and loves to build the kids up in the areas in which they are growing. She has been with Vero Beach Academy since it's inception in 2015. 

  • kelly brown

    operations manager

    Kelly is enthusiastic about the hybrid model of education, and she has been homeschooling her children through Vero Beach Academy since it was founded. Prior to joining the VBA staff, Kelly was a long-time volunteer at VBA and was previously employed at Indian River Habitat for Humanity. 

    Kelly has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke University. 

  • Danielle Prue

    Pre-K  Teacher

    Danielle is a very enthusiastic teacher and her goal is to challenge and engage students through hands on learning and a positive environment. She encourages them to reach their potential and help build their confidence. 

    In her classroom, learning comes alive through lots of fun and educational songs and games. As Danielle returns for her 8th year teaching at Vero Beach Academy, she looks forward to working closely with parents to help her students feel loved, safe, and excited to learn!

  • Olivia Gumpel


    Olivia is excited to be joining the VBA family as our Kindergarten teacher. She strives to provide engaging learning experiences for each student in her class while building meaningful relationships. 

    Not only is Olivia certified to teach Elementary Education K-6, she has also earned her Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. 

    As she joins the VBA family, Olivia looks forward to creating a positive classroom environment where students have the opportunity reach their individual potential and develop a love for learning! Her caring personality and sweet disposition will be the perfect fit for your new Kindergartener this year!

  • Nicole Seidel

    1st GRADE

    Nicole joins Vero Beach Academy after 30 years of teaching. She recently retired from teaching in upstate New York and is so excited to join the VBA staff. 

    She received her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Suny Newpaltz and her Master's Degree in Computer Education.  She is certified to teach PreK-6th grade. 

    Mrs. Seidel is extremely excited to be working with the families and students at VBA and is looking forward to engaging your 1st graders in hands on activities and looks forward to helping the kids become life-long learners! 

  • Carol David

    2nd Grade

    Carol has over 20 years of experience as an elementary school teacher, reading coach and school administrator.  She has a true passion for working with young learners.  She incorporates various teaching methods to adapt to each student’s needs.  She creates a risk-free environment, full of resources and opportunities. 


    Carol has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Augustana College, a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University and a specialization in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages).

    Her unique way to connect with each student makes Mrs. David a great 2nd grade teacher at VBA!

  • Ashley Rebman

    3rd Grade

    Ashley is excited to return to Vero Beach Academy as the 3rd grade teacher.  As a lifelong learner, her goal is to instill a love of learning in her students. She desires to celebrate every learner!

    She has a B.S. in Primary and Elementary Education.  She has 13 years of experience with preschool through fourth grade in Christian education.  Additionally, she has volunteered in Children’s Ministry and public elementary schools for over 20 years. She loves creating interactive lessons where students engage in their own learning. 

    Mrs. Rebman enjoys working alongside the parents, students, and staff to create an environment where the children are loved and excited to learn each day!

  • Roni Rose

    4th GRADE

    Roni has been working in education for over 20 years. She has a B.A. in Elementary Education and Psychology and has a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from FIT. 

    She loves teaching and excels in creating a warm, welcoming environment for her students. Roni enjoys bpart of a child's growth and the development process. Her goal is to motivate students and challenge them to grow academically. 

    Mrs. Rose has a heart for developing curriculum and resources for teachers to help them succeed in the classroom. Along with teaching 4th grade, VBA is blessed to have her also serving as as our Curriculum Analyst. 

  • Macayla mondragon

    5th GRADE

    Macayla is thrilled to be back at Vero Beach Academy as the 5th grade teacher. Her high-energy, stimulating classroom is perfect for students in their last year of elementary school. Her classroom will allow them to take an active role in their learning through a creative, hands-on approach to learning.  

    Macayla looks forward to using various teaching strategies to get to know and engage her students.  She strives to make education fun without compromising the high academic standards needed to allow children to reach their full potential. 

    Mrs. Mondragon is certified to teach Elementary Education K-6. She loves working with students and helping them find their unique strengths to be successful. Along with teaching 5th grade, Macayla will also be serving in Elementary Support for the lower school teachers and administrative team.

  • Ingrid Perry

    Middle School - Science/Study Skills

    Ingrid Perry has worked in education for over 10 years.  Her bubbly and warm personality will create a welcoming environment for our middle school students.  

    Her goal is to seek to find ways to precisely meet the individual needs of each child in her class. 

    She has completed the coursework for her education degree with a minor in Exceptional Student Education. She holds a TESOL Certification and has taught English to students in Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.  In recent years, Ingrid taught various courses for young children in the villages of Napakiak and Chuathbaluk in Alaska along with the Crow village in Montana. 

    Mrs. Perry is is committed to helping students reach their full potential win and out of the classroom. She has a way of connecting with kids and teens that brings joy to everyone she meets!

  • KristEn Drinnon

    MIDDLE SCHOOL - English/Language Arts

    Kristen has over 18 years experience teaching English / Language Arts in Christian school, public school, homeschool, and virtually. 

    She graduated with her undergraduate degree and a Master of Arts degree in teaching English from Bob Jones University. 

    Mrs. Drinnon looks forward to helping students excel in their writing while improving their grammatical skills to become more discerning readers. Her creative way to engage students through songs and rhymes is the perfect fit for middle school students. 

  • Holly Bailey

    MIDDLE SCHOOL - Mathematics/History

    Holly was once a struggling math student in junior high.  Through patience and perseverance, she went on to realize that she wasn’t bad at math, she was just still learning! She attended the University of Rhode Island earning a double major in Civil Engineering and German. She worked in the engineering field for several years before having the desire to teach. She returned to school and earned her education degree. 

    Now, she is a certified 6th-12th grade Math teacher with many years of experience including: Indian River Charter High school, Sebastian Charter Junior High School, and even a veteran homeschool mom of 3. 

    More than just learning formulas and basic practice problems, Mrs. Bailey's classroom is full of real-world experiences and project based learning allowing each middle school student to gain insight about where math can take them!