Enroll Now!

Once you decide that VBA is the right fit for your family, take a look at the FEES that you should expect to pay to participate in the co-op before enrolling below. 

Now enrolling for the 2020-2021 School Year!

  1. Fill out the Enrollment Form and pay the Enrollment Fee of $150 (non-refundable) online.
  2. Print the Background Check and Child Pick-up forms to fill out. (Background Checks are needed for any adult participating on campus or attending field trips. 
  3. A Parent/Student Handbook will be available for you to download. Please read, review, and be prepared to sign the handbook at the Administrative Center or contact the office to schedule a meeting to discuss any questions you may have. Each page of the handbook should be initialed. Please wait to sign the Release of Liability located on the last page of the handbook until you are in the presence of a notary. The Administrative Center has a notary available during normal business hours for your convenience. 
  4. Pay the $450 Book Fee when you sign the Parent/Student Handbook and return completed Background Check and Child Pick-Up forms at the Administrative Center.