Upper Elementary

For its core academic subjects in Upper Elementary, (Grades 3-6) Vero Beach Academy teaches as appropriate for each grade level: Reading, Grammar, Writing, Math, History, Science, Handwriting and Bible.

Homeschool lesson plans consist of a variety of pieces including a work text called "Living Stories" which are short and engaging stories with comprehension questions, extended response questions, graphic organizers and enrichment ideas teaching VBA's reading  skills. The curriculum provided focuses on active problem solving by exposing students to a variety of strategies and real world approach. 

VBA has even implemented Family Style Planning for various subjects to allow families to homeschool  efficiently and with ease.

Middle School

Vero Beach Academy is excited to launch 6th-8th grade  this year. It will meet like the Elementary program, on Tuesday/Thursday. Hours and schedule might vary. 

In middle school, VBA will foster a strong emphasis on developing responsibility and independence in the students. The program is designed to be a support model - helping kids be accountable and diligent with their academics, providing socialization, tutoring opportunities and teaching in the core academic subjects. 

VBA will offer middle school curriculum that is paced out for families to complete at home. The curriculum will have some virtual components to ensure that students can work from anywhere. 

Contact us to learn more about the curriculum and to see if VBA's Middle School Experience could be for you!